ZEGAZ Instruments Introduces DEWPOINT DUO Water and Hydrocarbon Dewpoint Analyzer

September 25, 2013- Ijamsville, Maryland- Today, ZEGAZ Instruments released its newest product, DEWPOINT DUO™.  This is the only instrument of its kind in the world.  It uses CEIRS™ technology to provide a water dewpoint measurement and a hydrocarbon dewpoint measurement of natural gas samples, simultaneously.  It is designed to be used at pressures up to 1500psi and uses patented Infrared technology to accurately measure water and hydrocarbon dewpoints, providing analysis of moisture in natural gas.

DEWPOINT DUO will allow the pipeline operators to continuously monitor the quality of incoming gas to their networks using this advanced natural gas analyzer.  This natural gas hygrometer will also allow gas processors to monitor the integrity of their refining process to make sure the output gas meets their tariff requirements.  DEWPOINT DUO™ can also be used by power generation facilities to monitor the quality of the incoming gas and to protect their power generation facilities.

Dr. Zarrabian, CEO of ZEGAZ Instruments commented. “DEWPOINT DUO™ is the culmination of several years of hardware and software development at ZEGAZ Instruments.  It continues to cement our position as the leading technology company in dewpoint measurement for the natural gas industry”.