NIST Tests ZEGAZ Instruments CEIRS™ Technology for Dewpoint Measurement

National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) Tests ZEGAZ Instruments’ CEIRS™ Technology for Dewpoint Measurement

Ijamsville, Maryalnd, USA (March 18, 2016) – National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) recently completed testing of CEIRS™, ZEGAZ Instruments ground-breaking dewpoint measurement technology.  During this test, one of ZEGAZ Instruments’ DewPort™ units was tested for its accuracy and uncertainty in measurement of water dewpoints.   The DewPort™ was tested by comparison against air of known water vapor content, generated by the NIST Hybrid Humidity Generator (HHG).   Total uncertainty of 0.2 °C was reported.

CEIRS™ (Chilled Evanescent InfraRed Spectroscopy) is a ground-breaking patented technology for measuring dewpoints in various applications.  In natural gas applications, it is used to measure water and hydrocarbon dewpoints.  Due to its spectroscopic nature, it is capable of unambiguously determining different dewpoints in complex gas mixtures.

The generator and the complete test procedure are described in NIST SP250-83, entitled “Calibration of Hygrometers with the Hybrid Humidity Generator”, which may be found at

“These test results are further indication of the accuracy and versatility of our technology”, Maryam Zavar, VP of Sales and Marketing.  “In addition to measuring hydrocarbon dewpoints, CEIRS™ technology has many different applications where detection of water dewpoints and moisture content are vital”, she added.

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Maryam Zavar, Vice President, Sales and Marketing


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