Technical Resources

VIDEO: Over view of DewPort(TM), the most advanced portable water and hydrocarbon analyzer in the world

VIDEO: Video Manual for Operation of DewPort(TM)

TECHNICAL NOTE:  The Fallacy of Calculating Hydrocarbon DewPoints  ;This technical note discusses the reasons as to why hydrocarbon dewpoint cannot be reliably calculated using a GC and an Equation-of-State software.

TECHNICAL NOTEZEGAZ CEIRS vs Ceramic Sensors for Measurement of Water Dewpoint; This technical note compares the use of CEIRS(TM) technology to Aluminum-Oxide sensors for measurement of water vapor in natural gas.

WHITE PAPERDetermining the Accuracy of Hydrocarbon Dewpoint Measurement Systems; This paper addresses the issue of accuracy in determining hydrocarbon dewpoints

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For more information on hydrocarbon dewpoint measurement systems, water dewpoint measurement systems, natural gas hygrometers, natural gas analyzers, and moisture in natural gas in general, see the sites listed below.