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What is CEIRS™ Technology?

CEIRS™ is a revolutionary technology for measurement of various dew points in gas mixtures. CEIRS™ stands for "Chilled-Mirror Evanescent Infra-Red Spectroscopy" .  While it is still a first-principle chilled-mirror method, it uses infrared spectroscopy to unambiguously determine the onset of condensation at dew point temperatures.  Because of its spectroscopic nature, it can also separate out different dew points in gas mixtures.

In the natural gas context, it can detect both hydrocarbon and water dew points and distinguish them from each other and other potential contaminants.

Older technologies only use light reflection off of a metallic or glass surfaces to determine when dew point is reached.  The analyzers using these older techniques cannot distinguish between water and hydrocarbon dew points and are often subject to interference from other contaminants.

Furthermore, if any debris or liquid droplet fell on the mirror, or the entrance and exit windows for the light, it would interfere with the measurement.  Most of these analyzers require frequent cleaning and cell replacement.

CEIRS™ overcomes all the shortcomings of the old light scattering method.  The infrared never travels through the gas phase since it undergoes total internal reflection.  Since the spectral absorption of the dew is being analyzed, there is no question whether or not a water or a hydrocarbon dewpoint was measured.


CEIRS™ Technology

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Older Light Scattering Technique

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