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At ZEGAZ Instruments, we aim to be the technology leader in our field.  This includes both hardware and software aspects of our products.

For hardware, we use the latest scientific and technical advancements to produce state-of-the-art analyzers for use in the natural gas diagnostics industry.  We put a particular emphasis on optical technologies as they have proven to be the most reliable, non-invasive methods for analysis in fields ranging from medical, food, pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries.  Our Dew Point analyzers are based on the patented CEIRS™ technology.  They are the only analyzers in the world that can distinguish between the hydrocarbon and water dew points spectroscopically.  

For software, we also use the latest advancements to provide a seamless interface for the users.  We aim to produce units that can be used with minimal or no software that has to be installed on the users' computer networks.  Our software design also aims at producing a seamless, intuitive interface for the user.


Our Software Philosophy



US Patent # 7,581,877
US Patent # 11,137,349
US Patent # 11,614,400
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