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Measuring moisture dew point is essential in the gas industry.  Most moisture analyzers that are based on lasers, aluminum oxide, or quartz crystals have to be used at low pressure and are subject to a myriad of interference from contaminants.  Regulating the pressure from process pressure down to near-atmospheric pressures introduces significant errors.  These analyzers also do not actually measure moisture dew point, but moisture content.  Then an equation is used to calculate the dew point at the process pressure.

WDP5000™ is a ground-breaking analyzer.  It measures the actual dew point at process pressure and also reports the water content.  No pressure regulation error is encountered.  No calculations are needed.  WDP5000™ simply offers the most accurate measurement possible for this important quality parameter.


  • Advanced CEIRS™ Technology

  • First-principle Chilled-Mirror Method

  • Measures Water Dew Point at Process Pressure

  • Industry-leading 70 ℃ Cooling Range

  • State-of-the-art Cooling System

  • Mirror Immune to Degradation and Contamination

  • ATEX and CSA Certifications

  • 4 Analog Outputs

  • MODBUS Compatible

  • RS-232 and RS-485 Outputs

  • Ethernet Communications, Networkable

  • Browser-based Communication Software

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  • No Pressure Regulation Error due to JT effect

  • Unsurpassed Accuracy and Reliability

  • Very Low Maintenance

  • Very Low Operating Costs

  • Does Not Require Additional Software to be Installed

  • Low Power Consumption

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