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We offer state-of-the-art products for measurement of hydrocarbon and/or water dew points in natural gas streams.  Our products are used to monitor natural gas quality in pipelines, refineries storage facilities as well as gas-based power plants.

Our Dew Point analyzers are based on the patented CEIRS™ technology.  They are the only analyzers in the world that can distinguish between the hydrocarbon and water dew points spectroscopically.  ZEGAZ Instruments analyzers are the preferred solution at leading natural gas companies worldwide.


Portable hydrocarbon and water dew point analyzer 

The ubiquitous DewPort™ is the leading portable instrument for measurement of hydrocarbon and water dew points in natural gas.  It is used at leading natural gas facilities worldwide.  Based on the ground-breaking CEIRS™ technology, it is the only instrument that can measure unambiguously both the water and hydrocarbon dew point in naturals gas.

DewPoint Duo™

On-Line Hydrocarbon and Water Dew Point Analyzer

DewPoint Duo™ is the flagship analyzer.  It is installed throughout the world at gas refineries, pipelines, storage facilities, and gas-based power plants.  It is the only analyzer in the world that can measure both hydrocarbon and water dew point, unambiguously using spectroscopic methods.


On-Line Hydrocarbon Dew Point Analyzer


HCD5000™ is designed to only measure the hydrocarbon dew point.  It can distinguish hydrocarbon dew point from other potential interferences.

HCD5000™  is the ideal choice for measurement of hydrocarbon dew point when accuracy and reliability is required.


On-Line Water Dew

Point Analyzer


Measuring the actual water dew point at process pressure is the most analytically accurate method for determination of moisture in natural gas.  Most other analyzers measure water content and then calculate dew point.

WDP5000™ is the only analyzer in the world that measure water dew point by using the spectroscopic first-principle CEIRS™ measurement.

There is simply no better method for determination of moisture in natural gas.


Temperature Controlled Enclosure

The Z-TCE line of heated enclosures are specifically designed for applications where temperature control of the instrumentation is needed for proper measurements.  This is typically needed where the analyzers are installed outdoors where the ambient temperature may drop below the dew point of the gas under analysis.

Z-TCE-500™ heated enclosures use the latest state-of-the-art heat transfer technologies to achieve an even, tightly controlled heat distribution within the enclosure, ensuring proper measurement.


Sample Conditioning


Z-SCS picture.png

Z-SCS-300™ is specifically designed to condition samples for analysis by DewPoint Duo™, HCD5000™, and WDP5000™.  It is designed based on years of data from analyzers installed around the world.

Z-SCS-300™ uses effective filtration to trap and eliminate entrained liquids, while providing fast-loop and purge capabilities.

Z-SCS-300™ is usually included with all ZEGAZ Instruments dew point analyzers.

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