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DewPoint Duo™

Hydrocarbon and moisture dew point analyzer

DewPoint Duo™ is the flagship product of ZEGAZ Instruments' line of dew point analyzers.  If you need to measure both hydrocarbon and water dew points in natural gas in one compact analyzer, this product is the ideal solution.  It is the only product in the world that uses the CEIRS™ method to measure both hydrocarbon and water dew point in a single sensor analyzer.  This product is simply the best and most accurate solution on the market today.


  • Advanced CEIRS™ Technology

  • First-principle Chilled-Mirror Method

  • Measures Both Water and Hydrocarbon Dew Points Using the Same Sensor

  • Industry-leading 70 ℃ Cooling Range

  • State-of-the-art Cooling System

  • Mirror Immune to Degradation and Contamination

  • ATEX and CSA Certifications

  • 4 Analog Outputs

  • MODBUS Compatible

  • RS-232 and RS-485 Outputs

  • Ethernet Communications, Networkable

  • Browser-based Communication Software



  • Unsurpassed Accuracy and Reliability

  • Very Low Maintenance

  • Very Low Operating Costs

  • Does Not Require Additional Software to be Installed

  • Low Power Consumption


"Its the best bang for the money, getting two measurements in one analyzer"

"The best solution for off-shore platforms. Small footprint, two measurements!"

"Love it!!!  No calibration"

"It is saving us a lot of money in service costs"

"Best solution for Biogas"

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