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CEIRS™: Revolutionizing Dew Point Detection in Natural Gas


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CEIRS™ stands for Chilled-mirror Evanescent InfraRed Spectroscopy, and it stands as a cutting-edge technology revolutionizing dew point detection, particularly in the realm of natural gas analysis. It surpasses traditional methods by combining three key components:

  • Chilled-Mirror: This established technique provides a highly accurate way to measure moisture in various gases by cooling a surface and noting the temperature at which condensation forms. Additionally, it allows for the measurement of the crucial hydrocarbon dew point relevant to natural gas analysis.

  • Evanescent IR Spectroscopy: This analytical technique, further explored in a future blog post, utilizes infrared radiation for material detection across diverse industries.

CEIRS™ innovation technology by ZEGAZ INSTRUMENTS, hydro carbon dew point technology for gas measurement
How CEIRS™ Works

  • AI-enabled Chemometrics Software: This innovative software leverages artificial intelligence to enhance the hardware's capabilities by deciphering the collected IR spectra for advanced material identification and quantification.

Beyond Traditional Dew Point Measurement:

It's crucial to note that while "dew point" often refers to moisture in most industries, natural gas analysis involves two crucial dew points: moisture and hydrocarbon. CEIRS™ effectively addresses both, offering a comprehensive solution for natural gas analysis.

Stay Tuned for Deeper Dives ( CEIRS™ Tech ):

In future blog posts, we will delve deeper into each of these components, exploring their functions and how they synergistically contribute to CEIRS™'s unparalleled dew point detection capabilities. Additionally, we will provide insights into the unique hydrocarbon dew point and explore the intricacies of IR spectroscopy and AI-enabled chemometrics software.

CEIRS™: A Game-Changer for Natural Gas Analysis

By offering unmatched accuracy and reliability, CEIRS™ represents a significant advancement in natural gas analysis. Stay tuned to discover how this revolutionary technology empowers various industries and streamlines proces

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